book release postponed to 5th Sept. 2015

On the official website is state since today that their already postponed release date from the August is postponed to the September 2015. Let’s hope it’s for the best and that the team can finish everything in time to deliver a nice work. Folks like me would be glad if they would release the first chapter or so, or an Amazon pre-buying link etc.

Educational Videos from Michael Ossmann

Michael Ossmann, the creator of the popular HackRF, shows the basics of digital signal processing (DSP) and gives an introduction into the topic of SDR and the GNU Radio framework in particular. Needed is only the HackRF (or if you are brave any other SDR peripherial e.g. the RTL-SDR dongle). Up until now (August 2015) Michael provided nine lessons, which can be downloaded via http or torrent and which are released under a CC BY license. Continue reading

Black Magic for Computer Scientists

Signals and deeper singal theory is still perceived as “Black Magic” by computer scientists and avoided or overshaded by confuse implementations. Jack Schaedler wanted to change this and introduced a pretty nice looking introduction to circle sines and ¬†signals, condensend in “a compact primer on digital signal processing“. For all those people out there who ever wanted to understand how a DFT or FFT works and only heard little about the topic, this might be a good introduction to it. It is nicely designed and covers all basic topics from discrete signals, to mathematical representations up until Nyquist-theorem or Aliasing. With ¬†embedded moving examples the theory is presented in a nice graphical way for an easy understanding. free book release

Folks from the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow) are releasing a free PDF book about Software Defined Radio on their page There is also a hardcover and a softcover version planned, which will be retailed on Amazon later. The publication date was said to be the 26th August 2015, now even 31st August is announced on their homepage as print release date.

I’m eager to have a look into the book once it is released and thank all authors in advance for their effort they put into it.

Title: SDR using MATLAB & Simulink and the RTL-SDR
Free PDF download:
Softback ISBN : 978-0-9929787-1-6
Hardback ISBN : 978-0-9929787-2-3
Authors: Bob Stewart, Kenny Barlee, Dale Atkinson, Louise Crockett