LimeSDR crowdfunding campaign

This post should go in more details about the LimeSDR crowdfunding campaign. As the inventors of the LimeSDR (Canonical/Ubuntu + Lime Microsystems) partnered up and now provide an open source framework to “create the next generation of wireless applications” and to democratize wireless innovation. This should be achieved by the development of a first class driver for LimeSDR by no other than Josh Blum, the original creator of GNU Radio Companion (and SoapySDR and Pothos) as well as with support by Myriad-RF, an initiative and community founded by Lime Micro that is dedicated towards as already said the democratization of wireless innovation (i can fully see the “Long Tail” here).

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LimeSDR Docu Initiative & Wiki User Guide

LimeSDR-USB overview

A good project falls with proper documentation. In their mind of open source the documentation is pushed through the “announcement of the Myriad-RF Wiki Documentation Initiavte” and now is available as a LimeSDR-USB User Guide in form of a online Wiki. The Contents range from explanations about the key features of the board to an general overview, into more details like driver installation for Windows and Linux, general flashing procedure of the microcontroller up to loading a bitstream to the FPGA. So everyone who packs out their boards might want to look into these pages first. I like their way of doing it.

SoDeRa now LimeSDR & Crowdfunding Campaign

So, as it turned out the name SoDeRa might be already reserved (hehe) and due to copyright reasons they changed their name to LimeSDR. To get their project out of the ground they started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of 500k USD. In their campaign the price for a single board is 299 USD for regular backers, but there is an early bird special for a price of 199 USD. And guess who got one of the cheaper boards. While it won’t come with any case i think it’s worth the 100 bucks off. As the functionality stays the same. There is also a PCIe version available.

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